should we do it?


Thanks guys! I'm so... okay, how can I say this without sounding melodramatic or sarcastic? Just, you are all amazing for even taking the time to browse my work, which cannot be done without the awesomeness of the various creators and artists that birthed them. Rather than making a request post, or whatever, I'd just like to ask:

Do you have any fandoms you would like to see more of?

Currently I am watching Hanasaku Iroha, so there will be icons of that series to come. I also have a bunch of Toradora! icons in my hard drive, and thousands of fan art that I have nosebleeds over scattered in my drives as well... XD

But if there is anything you would like to see more of, please tell me! 8D
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should we do it?

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DAMN! I got caught in the Kimi ni Todoke wave. I don't think it's as good as Love★Com, but I love it anyway; Chizu & Ayane are awesome friends, aren't they? :D For some reason, Season 2 really didn't satisfy me... until I started reading the manga. I also finished reading Love★Com!

ANIMANGA → Naruto, Pokemon, Kimi ni Todoke
MOVIES → Cencoroll
OTHER → Vocaloid

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not fail

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No challenges this week. Probably not for this month; I have enough images to last me for the rest of the year XD

OTHER → Art {contains some obscure nudity. I mean it}
MOVIES → The Lion King, Digimon: the Movie, Cinderella

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This whole day I've been out shopping... for food :D

ANIMANGA → Bleach, Sonic the Hedgehog
CARTOONS → South Park, Happy Tree Friends
OTHER → Keep Calm Parody, Stock, Art, Vocaloids

WARNING: two guys kissing and sticking up the finger... XD

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